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The training consists of ground school and field training. Training in the field encompasses between 60 and 80 hours of instruction. The training can be oriented for foot launch or the use of a trike.


Ground School

This is where all the necessary theoretical knowledge is acquired. Together with the field training, this will complete the compulsory learning to make the student a safe, capable and responsible Paramotor pilot.

This ground school can be carried out in parallel with the practical phases and consists of the following subjects: Air regulations / Canadian airspace / Radio communications / Human Factors / Aerodynamics / Meteorology / Navigation, among others.

Ground School, which is completed online, contains all the necessary study material to pass both the P-STAR and the ULTRA exam. 


Field Training

Step 1

Basics of Paragliding

It is the longest (20 to 30 hrs) and can be done in our location or in any suitable space (for example: a park near the student’s residence). It consists of the knowledge of the equipment, learning the control of the Paraglider, reverse and forward inflation. 

Step 2

Build Confidence

Approximate duration: 10 to 15 hours going over introduction and knowledge of Paramotor. Ignition procedure / Safety procedure / How to carry the Paramotor / Reverse and forward inflation with paramotor / Hanging test / Communications / Emergency procedures for the flight.

This phase is meant to build the necessary confidence so that the future pilot feels safe with their skills and knowledge to move on to the 3rd and final phase.

Step 3

Ready to Fly

Approximate duration of 10 to 25 hours. Ground school must have been completed by this stage so that the      P-START test can be done prior to commencing this phase.

This will be the flight phase where the student will make his first flight and subsequent ones, completing the requirements established by Transport Canada until graduation, under the strict, safe and reliable direction of the instructor through visual and radio communication.

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It is the second and last written exam to pass under the supervision of Transport Canada. Necessary requirement to obtain the UPP (Ultralight Pilot Permit for Powered Paraglider / Paramotor)

Please read over the Transport Canada requirements for obtaining a paramotor license via the link at the bottom of the page.

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