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We bring our background on skydiving, general aviation, air operations, ultralight aircrafts and paramotors to the table to share our personal, holistic and safety first approach to learning.

We are the result of years of commitment and dedication to aviation. Dreams made reality with drive and hard work.

From the first toy airplane, to the joy of experiencing the first air show. From the first parachute jump to the first solo flight. From the first emergency to every safe landing. All these experiences have forged who we are and how we want you to learn and enjoy the experience of flying.



The training consists of ground school and field training. Training in the field encompasses between 60 and 80 hours of instruction. The training can be oriented for foot launch or the use of a trike.


Manny Morales is an ultralight aircraft flight instructor certified by Transport Canada. He is passionate towards sharing knowledge and experiences.  His priority when teaching is on safety, comprehension and ability. 

Involved in the aeronautical field since 1981, starting as a Paratrooper and then venturing into general aviation receiving instruction in cessnas 152/172. 

• Worked  in aeronautical operations for 7 years at Pearson International Airport.
• Immersed in the advanced ultralight aircraft category flying Chinook,  Evektor and Challenger fixed wings aircrafts.
• Currently fully dedicated to building the Basics Ultralight community flying and teaching Paramotors.

Manny engages personally with his students to professionally identify the best approach to maximize the learning experience.  

He will guide you to achieve the Ultralight Pilot Permit for Power Paragliders or Fixed Wings Basic or Advanced Ultralight Aircrafts.

We are simply the company on the road that will go along with you so you can fully experience the adventure of flying.



Ground and field training



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Please read over the Transport Canada requirements for obtaining a paramotor license via the link at the bottom of the page.

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